Needless to say, Japan is a wonderful country to visit. There is something for everyone – lovers of design, architecture, arts & crafts, lovers of exquisite cuisine and street food, lovers of grand sceneries and nature. Not to forget shopping queens and karaoke kings!


For traveling around Japan as a foreigner (called Gaijin) it is very recommendable to buy the Japan Rail Pass before departure. It allows to travel on the Japan railway system at a good price. Have fun!

  • AWAJISHIMA: Island in front of Kobe where architect Tadao Ando built a beautiful underground Water Temple and the 100 stepped garden at the Yumebutai Conference Center.
  • HAKONE: Enjoy the view on Mount Fuji – maybe even from the edge of an Onsen bath.
  • HIROSHIMA: Historic city with a nice river, be prepared for the peace museum. The peace center and memorial garden were designed by Kenzo Tange.
  • KYOTO: This city gets a page of its own!
  • MIYAJIMA: Island with the famous Itsukushima shrine.
  • NARA: This was a former capital of Japan and has a lot of sights to offer like the impressive Todaijii Temple and Nara Park with its famous deer.
  • NAOSHIMA: Wonderful island that you can discover by bike. Do visit the amazing underground Chichu Art Museum by Tadao Ando. Admire the pumpkin sculpture by Yayoi Kusama and enjoy a special onsen bath experience in the I Love You art onsen. Over night you can stay at affordable Cinnamon. Click here to see an overview map.
  • NIKKO: See the famous red bridge and funny monkey sculptures or even real monkeys bathing in hot wells.
  • OKAYAMA: Here you can visit one of the famous three gardens of Japan, the Koraku-en.
  • OSAKA: This city gets a page of its own!
  • YAMANKA: A place for more Onsen experiences.
  • YOKOHAMA: Eat in Chinatown and visit the Osanbashi pier by architects FOA.