• Yakiniku Dining Kinoe. Ready for tender Kobe and Matsuzaka beef? Don‘t miss this place!
  • Honke Owariya. Amazing Soba noodle restaurant with a history of 500 years and perfect matches of Tempura and Desserts.
  • Chisou Inaseya. Enjoy Kyoto cuisine at its best. They have their own chicken farm and sake brewery. Get a Kaiseki menu and just enjoy.
  • Mos Burger. Always good for a quick savoury snack in a quiet clean environment.
  • In summer you can stroll along the Kamogawa and enjoy a beer in one of the many river bars

More Information:

  • The Monocle Kyoto guide is a handy and pretty companion with cool tips. 
  • Getting around by taxi is quite expensive and buses sometimes are a bit unreliable but Kyoto has two underground metro lines to take you around town. 
  • Haruka Express. With this line you easily get from Osaka Kansai Airport into Kyoto.

Do & See:



  • Katsura Imperial Villa. World famous beautiful Imperial Palace site.
  • Kiyomizu-Dera. An amazing temple complex offering grand views over the city.
  • Ryoan-ji. The Temple of the Dragon of Peace houses one of Japan‘s greatest Zen gardens. 
  • Kinkaku-ji. The picturesque Golden Temple boasting with its reflection in the lake.
  • Ginkaku-ji. The serene Silver Temple amidst dense trees.
  • Fushimi Inari-Taisha. Immerse yourself into the red world of this iconic Shinto shrine.
  • Do not miss to walk around the Gion area - the former Geisha district. Get off the main path and discover hidden temples, pagodas and shrines as well as shops and galleries. 



  • Fujii Daimaru. Kyoto‘s local department store for contemporary fashion – of course with food market.
  • Ippodo Tea. Cute tea store where you can get the perfect matcha, including whisk and bowl.