• Osaka Marriott Miyako. 5* hotel with perfect location right at the main train station. It is located in Japan‘s tallest building. You can book it here.
  • A very affordable hotel for a short stay is the Taiyo with shared bathrooms. You can book it here.



There are some specialties in the Osaka cuisine which is known to be the Mother of Street Food, here some examples:

  • Okonomiyaki are a kind of salty pancakes made with cabbage, egg and other toppings – a sizzling experience.
  • Takoyaki are a popular street food dish: ball-shaped batter with octopus inside.
  • Kushikatsu are deep-fried skewers with various meat or vegetables – Osaka is said to be the cradle of this popular bar food.
  • Ichiran RamenRamen noodles are known all over Japan, at Ichiran you get the perfect single stall experience.

Getting around:

  • With the handy Icoca card you are free to move around Osaka as you like. There is a 500 yen deposit for the card that gets you on all JR lines, Kansai wide transportation. Buy it at KIX airport or Osaka main station for example. (Suica cards from Tokyo also work in Osaka.)
  • From Osaka station you have direct connections to Nara, where you can visit the Todai-ji Temple and the Deer Park.


Do & See:

  • Osaka Castle is one of the biggest and most famous attractions in town.
  • Dotonbori: There is no way around it, the bustling main street for culture, food and shopping is a must-go.
  • Kaiyukan is a special experience for all senses. It is one of the largest aquariums in the world and features live views on a variety of beautiful ocean creatures.
  • At Harukas 300 Observatory you can enjoy a grand view over the city. (As guests of the Mariott Miyako you get free entry=)
  • If you have time you can visit the Sayamaike Museum by famous architect Tadao Ando. 
  • Hop on the Wonderloop tour bus to get an overview of Osaka. For 3000 yen you get free hop-on/hop-off for a day, coupons for restaurants and sights as well as a wonder cruise (do make reservation in advance!). Here you find route & schedule. 
  • If looking for international experiences, dive into America-mura (American Village) or Korea Town.