Inisheer Island. Photo by RK.
Inisheer Island. Photo by RK.


All in one:

The sceneries of Ireland are breathtaking. The island has so many different beautiful landscapes that you never get bored. We were also spoilt with great food and welcoming people.

This is a country we will definitely return to!


On Irish culture:

It is admirable how Irish people maintain their heritage. At school children are taught not only Irish language, but also valuable cultural skills like singing, playing traditional music instruments and Irish sports (Gaelic Football, Hurling, Irish Rugby). 


The pub culture is really lived by every one. The Irishmen and women see the pub (the name tells you) as a public house, where you meet people and talk, dance, eat and drink together.


On Irish weather:

The Irish weather is unpredictable. It does not only change from day to day but rather from hour to hour. It is best to dress in layers. Rain-proof clothing is always good. Also take a small plastic bag with you to store wet umbrellas in.


On transportation:

Buses connect the cities very conveniently. The website GetThere is very helpful to check schedules.

Going from Dublin to Galway, the company GoBus was very good. It cost 13€ one way and took 2.5 hours.

If ok to drive on the left side of the road, rental cars offer more flexibility. Anyway you should not miss going on the Wild Atlantic Way along the Irish coast.

On food: 

Most restaurants are using local ingredients, which means you get fresh seafood, grass-fed beef and lamb as well as best milk products (great cheese!) and specialties like seaweed.

While you are visiting, you will definitely get to know Irish brown bread (baked with soda and buttermilk). It is delicious along with sweet and savory food. Here are some other signature dishes:

  • Prawn Bisque: Delicious seasoned crustacean soup.
  • Seafood Chowder: Very creamy tasty soup.
  • Salmon: You will often see it as the Fish of the Day.
  • Stew: Both beef and especially lamb stew are great. 
  • Irish beef: Prime!

On drinks:

The pitch dark Guinness beer is drank in pints (around 470ml) but you can also order a "glass of Guinness" which is much smaller. Irish Whiskey (note: written with an "e") is triple distilled. Our favorite ones are Green Spot, Yellow Spot and Bushmills.

Sláinte! [ˈslaːntʃə]



Have a look at the places we visited so far:

(If we had the chance to travel around Ireland again, we would also visit: the Ring of Kerry in the South, the Powerscourt Gardens near Dublin and the Giant‘s Causeway in Northern Ireland.)