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  • Hotel Helvetia. Cosy 3* hotel in Müstair led by the Grond family. The rooms are made in Swiss pine wood and the hotel offers a wellness area, fitness room, rent of hiking/skiing gear and more. You can book it here.
  • Hotel Central. Comfortable 3* Superior hotel in Valchava. They also have a wellness area and a very good restaurant. You can book it here.


  • Both hotels above offer tasty local food in their restaurants and their own walnut cakes.
  • Hotel Liun. If craving for Pizza, this is the place to go in the area.
  • Balcun At. This institution offers convenient and traditional food as well.
  • The Canton of Grisons has a lot of regional delicacies to offer. How about Maluns (potato-flour-butter dish eaten with apple compote), Capuns (chard leaf rolls filled with dough, meat, cheese) or the famous Bündner Fleisch (air-dried meat)?
  • At hotels, restaurants and bakeries you will always see the famous local Nusstorte (walnut honey cake) or Schaibiettas (oat and honey cookies) – perfect souvenirs!

Do & See:


Hiking and (E-)mountain-biking are highly popular in the Biosfera area. Below hikes are red/white routes, doable in half a day:

  • Senda Val Müstair: Going from 2149m from the Ofenpass down to the valley of Lü on 1916m.
  • A la riva dal Rom: Hiking along the beautiful river Rom. You can get on the path from many villages like Fuldera or Valchva if the full hike is too long.
  • Cascada da Pisch: This path brings you up to the wonderful waterfall which creates its own luscious vegetation around.


  • The Convent of St. John Müstair is listed as UNESCO world heritage and has a little museum.
  • Close to the Italian border you can relax and pamper yourself with beauty treatments at La Vita or massages at Sorgente Blu. Both offer a great view into the valley.
  • Woodworking is an important discipline in the Val Müstair. The Swiss pine is used for total interiors – even inside cushions due to its health-supporting traits. Visit a carpentry to find out more about the craft behind. Frars Honegger offer weekly tours in their workshop with shop.